How to suggest an initiative on Vendredi’s platform
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Do you have any ideas of how to create local impact? Share them with your company and colleagues!

On the platform, you will find different engagement actions, but the ones that matter the most are the one that YOU care about.

Do you have any ideas of actions that you could carry out to create local impact? Or do you know any local nonprofit that you’d like to help?

Each employee now has the possibility to propose ideas of volunteering missions and nonprofits to their company.

Our tips when suggesting missions/nonprofits:

1. Suggesting a solidarity mission

🤓 Do you need some inspiration? Here’s a list of the most successful missions we’ve seen!

The best part? They’re super easy to organize.

  • Invite a nonprofit to your office to raise awareness about a nonprofit’s cause or mission.

  • Organize an office donation drive

  • Organize a local cleanup

  • Distribution of food/essential items

  • Resume writing/proofreading workshop to help jobseekers

  • Climate Fresk workshop to raise awareness of climate change

  • Challenge your colleagues: Meatless Mondays, come to work biking,…

💡 Our recommendation: To reach as many people as possible, look for missions that do not require any specific skills.

😎 Tips to write a good description of your mission:

  • Write a catchy title

  • Provide all the mission details, from start to finish. Don’t forget to include:

    • Purpose of the mission

    • Location and time

    • Responsibilities and duties of the volunteers

    • Commitment expected

    • Any special material/clothing your volunteers would need to bring

💡 Do you have any mission in mind?

Don’t waste any more time! Go to your platform and send your suggestion!

2. Suggesting a local nonprofit

1️⃣ Verify that the nonprofit is not on the platform

On your profile, click on the “Missions” tab > “Explore” tab > Write the name of your nonprofit

Is the nonprofit there? Great! Start getting engage with them and encourage your colleagues to do the same! If they don’t have any missions published yet, get in touch with them!

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Suggest the NGO to your company!`

2️⃣ Suggest a nonprofit

💡 Our recommendation:

Explain the mission and activities of the nonprofit as detailed as possible. What is the purpose and current needs of the nonprofit? What missions could you carry out with them?

If you are already involved in the activities of the nonprofit, feel free to share your experience with your company.

3️⃣ What happens next?

Your suggestion will be sent to your company, which will need to confirm that they would like to get engaged with the nonprofit.

After that, they will send you a link that you can share with the nonprofit to register (for free) on the platform.

Do you need help to contact the nonprofit? Find a template that you can send to them on Vendredi’s ambassador kit.

Any more question?

Contact our support team via the chat. (Green icon located in the bottom right corner of your platform).

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