Configure the Slack integration with Vendredi

Description of the Slack integration with Vendredi

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🖥 Prerequisites to enable the integration

  • You have the administrator role on your Slack workspace

  • You have the administrator role on your Vendredi platform

🤔 Why would you enable the Slack integration?

The Slack integration with Vendredi eases the communication with your employees thanks to automated notifications.

It creates a new channel to incentivize users to login on the platform.

Once enabled, the Vendredi application will be added to your Slack workspace and will start sending notifications to your employees.

🔔 Which notifications will be sent?

Notifications are automatically sent with a maximum of 2 per week.

1️⃣ A notification to introduce the platform

When? At the first login.

🎯 On which condition? If the user is registered on the platform

2️⃣ Notifications to incentivize your employees to complete challenges

When? On Tuesdays

🎯 On which condition? If at least one challenge is published.

3️⃣ Notifications to support an employee in applying for a mission

When? On Thursdays

🎯 On which condition? If an application for a mission has been done.

🔧 How to enable the Slack integration with Vendredi?

1️⃣ On the Vendredi platform : Settings > Advanced settings > Integration with your communication tools

⇒ Click on the Slack logo

2️⃣ Allow the permission request to add Vendredi to your workspace

3️⃣ From your Slack workspace : Administration > Manage apps

Then Search Vendredi > Open in the App Directory > Configuration

Check that there is no need to allow again for sending notifications

👏 You successfully enabled the integration!

If needed, please send an email to [email protected]

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