Eligibility criteria to join Vendredi's platform
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Keep on reading to learn the eligibility criteria to have your nonprofit benefit from Vendredi's support and platform… ⬇️


1️⃣ The nonprofit organization is registered as a nonprofit, charity, or foundation under local law.

2️⃣ The structure is either already created or in the process of being created, with the assistance of a recognized actor who helps it start its activity.

3️⃣ The structure is neither political nor religious.

  • If the association was founded or is closely associated with a political or religious movement, membership in that movement should not be a criterion for joining the association as an employee or volunteer, nor for benefiting from its actions.


4️⃣ A person from the organization is available to manage applications/registrations and welcome, train, and follow volunteers.


5️⃣ The structure must have a real and objective social and/or environmental impact and should meet at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

6️⃣ The structure should not exclusively benefit a particular audience or its members, such as the association's team or its members. The structure should be open to anyone who wishes to get involved or support it, without belonging to an exclusive group.

For example, sports or leisure clubs, student associations, veterans' associations... will not be validated.

If your structure meets all of these criteria, join the Vendredi adventure alongside 3,000 other associations changing the world! 🎉

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